Patrizia Vaier non esiste

patrizia-vaier-non-esisteRenzo Samaritans interview Patrizia Vaier, with questions collected on the network, which responds on topics dear to her such as Spirituality, Positive Thinking, the Vegetarianism.

Patrizia Vaier non esiste: Intervista di Renzo Samaritani – Ebook Ed. Associazione Internazionale per la Coscienza Spirituale 2015

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Nutrire Corpo e Anima

A message of peace – vegetarian recipes to nourish the body without causing suffering or harm to any living being. Hare Krshna.

Nutrire corpo e anima – Ebook Ed. Associazione Internazionale per la Coscienza Spirituale 2014 – ISBN 9788897040798

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Il Vecchio

[…] My meeting with the old man was a defining turning point in my life. I realised that I needed to stop; I could not continue in my search for freedom because this exhausting search is the greatest slavery of mankind. Our time does not run out. Listening to the calm words issuing forth from that lined face made me think about my life, a life dictated by passion, which enslaved me in the firm but mistaken belief that I was free.

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Il vecchio – Ed. Aline 2009 – ISBN 8887906130