Patrizia Vaier


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Patrizia Vaier

I have always found religions and schools of thought that move the masses to be a source of interest and fascination. I have studied the major sacred texts and dwelt at length on the anthropology of religions, focusing in particular on eastern peace philosophies and the syncretisms of the post 1900 period. I have taught one-to-one and group courses in which the principal theme is peace, understood as inner peace. Individuals must achieve their own physical and psychological wellbeing through a positive attitude and through constant practice, thereby eliminating the restraints that hamper their progress in the various fields and manifold stages of human life, understood as an earthly passage.

    Studies and areas of Expertise

    Philosophy of Religions and Eastern Philosophies of Peace

    Human Trainer School

    • Hinduism
    • Christianity
    • Secular Vegetarianism and Religious Vegetarianism
    • Introduction to vegetarianism as a lifestyle
    • New philosophies and thought movements in the western 20th century
    • School of Universal Laws


    • Teaching of Eastern Philosophies of Peace
    • Philosophy of ethical vegetarian thought with secular and/or religious grounds
    • Support to the change of diet with the aid of a doctor nutritionist
    • Ho’oponopono
    • Secular Positivism
    • Universal Laws
    • The secret of the Law of Attraction